Meghan Danahy never does anything halfway, and when she falls in love with Dennis Kipphut, she falls hard.

She is dazzled by his looks and in awe of his determination, working nights to put himself through college. Her dream of a rosy future with him is shattered when he draws a low number in the Vietnam War draft lottery. He is sure to be drafted as soon as he graduates. Meghan knows that her father’s connections can keep Dennis safely at home. But Coyle Danahy doesn’t want his only child to marry the son of a night watchman. Seeing Dennis sent off to war seems like a perfect solution to end the relationship. The Danahys’ house becomes a battleground as graduation draws closer, Meghan’s passion for Dennis and her desire to help him colliding with her father’s absolute resistance. Confident that the situation will play out as he hopes, Coyle underestimates just how far Meghan will go to save the man she loves.